Top 5 Tactical Boots For Law Enforcement and buying guide

As a law enforcement officer or military personnel, you put yourself in risky and dangerous situations on daily basis. Your position requires specific tactical boots that are not only durable but also flexible and protective. Law enforcement officers have to move into action without any hindrance hence they require the best boots. If you are looking for the best boosts here are the top 5 tactical boots for law enforcement.

1. Under Armor Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

Apart from having a smooth, black, and durable exterior, these tactical boots have their brand logo printed on the shafts and the sides. Straight from the word go, you can tell that these boots mean business. They have a robust exterior and plethora of protection and safety features. These include the EVA Mid sole for extra security and quick dry design to keep water at bay as well as microbial Ortholote sock liner to prevent severe infections and any build up of odors that may occur. The good thing is that they’re budget friendly and delivers more than they cost. So, if you make a living upholding the law, saving lives or through your feet, you deserve these boots.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Tactical Boot

As one of the most famous boots brands today, the Performance Men’s boots has just begun a new era for adidas meant for outdoors. Designed with athletics qualities, the Adidas Performance were manufactured to handle the harshest extremes. From rugged mountain terrain to sandy desert heat, these amazing boots will last long. They’re, therefore, the preferred footware for any law enforcement officer who wants to work outdoors. Having other features, these boots have rubber sole, abrasion resistant toe, durable leather, and increased utility. Since they are highly ranked in online shops, they are still very good in the market.

3. Smith & Wesson Beach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Boots

These master pieces will offer men in the force more durability and reliability without all the extra weight that other boots have. Due to their board lasted construction, Smith and Wesson men’s tactical boots comes with a great amount of torsinal rigidity. Not only does this reduces fatigue during long outdoor hours but also make them more resilient. With your own pair of these boots, hitting the patrol trail will be a lot of fun. They also have the EVA Midsole to make them lighter. Plus, they have an extra padding and foam.

4. Bates Men’s Ultra Lites 8 Inches Tactical Boots

For over 10 years now, Bates has been manufacturing some of the best tactical boots in the market. The Bates Men’s Ultra Lites stand out as some of the best pair in terms of quality, performance, and comfort. Made up of leather interior, and padded nylon fabric upper, these shoes are both durable and reliable. They not only withstand the pressure encountered when out on the rough terrains but also easy to polish and clean. Their upper part is constructed using a mesh to prevent your feet from smelling and sweating. They also have EVA Mid sole that acts as shock absorber and provides you with the comfort that you need if you wear them for long. Overall they are lighter and their designs are eye catching. This is one of the best lighweight boots available in the market, so it enables you to walk around hours and hours on your feet.

5. Original SWAT Men’s Tactical Waterproof Boots

Capable of withstanding the hardest environments, these lightweight boots can actually endure all. From searching through the dark to rugged mountains, these boots will definitely provide your needs. Having a 100% safety toe, they will protect your feet from any unseen hazard. They also have a thick, non slip rubberized outsoles that provides you with the stability that you need on wet areas. For immediate action, they are side zippered. Worn by specialists and tested by professionals, these boots have an array of never ending features.

Boots Buying guide

What to look for in tactical boots for law enforcement

Durability- One of the most important factors to consider when looking for these boots is durability. This is because it will ensure that the boots holds regardless of the condition.

Water resistant and waterproof- While water proof means that you can dip the boots in water without wetting your feet , water resistant means the rains will be repelled but the shoes should not be submerged. Waterproof boots will, therefore, allow more comfort.

Slip resistant- Sliding on ice or wet surfaces in extreme cold conditions may lead to issues. Slip boots offer a great traction and stability thereby preventing any falls that may occur.

Traction- The ability to climb over slippery hazards and a traction area is also important. Law enforcement officers are usually injured from falls hence the boots should have a proper gripping ability

Breathable- since sweaty feet hurts a lot the best tactical boots should have a high comfortable level with breathable mesh. They need to breathe and maintain a high level of comfort especially during hot weather.

Final words

Those are some of the best tactical boots for law enforcement officers. Buying the best ones will go a long way in fulfilling your duties as law enforcement officer. However, before buying one, make sure you analyze all possible styles to determine the one that will suit your intended purpose.